Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Description: In Advanced Generation 101, the tranquil colony Angel fell to a mysterious force of mobile suits known as the UE – the Unknown Enemy. Seven years later, Flit Asuno and his mother live a quiet life in the Ovan colony as the last remaining members of the famous Asuno mobile suit manufacturing company. But soon, the UE strike again for the first time in years, destroying the colony and mortally wounding Flit's mother in the process. With her dying breath, she gives Flit a set of plans for a mobile suit that can help him become a savior – the Gundam Age. Now, another seven years later, the suit is complete and the UE return once more, decimating Flit's new home of Nora. Eager for revenge, the boy must now pilot Gundam Age alongside his allies to repel the invaders and save his home.

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